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Same old same old….test

One of these days I will learn to switch off (that’s a lie) but until then I will continue to keep you all entertained with my Sauvignon Blanc fueled blogs. Me and the beautiful Katie, my right hand woman have decided to change the way we write up our profiles for the ladies.

I don’t know about you gents but surely you must be sick of reading the same generic write ups and I’ll let you into a little secret, they bore the life out of me writing them up. Every escort that we represent has a completely different personality but the human body can only be described in so many ways. It’s gets to the point where I have to pull out my dusty thesaurus and find another adjective for the word beautiful. Give me a break.

How many of you actually read them? Annoyingly not that many. I have lost too many of a night writing them up. Again that’s a lie because I don’t have a life, all I do is sit at my laptop working but the point is I would rather be doing something productive with the agency or at least going on pornhub and doing some market research haha!!!!

Anyway I’m going slightly off point (I may of had a few more glasses from when I first started writing) between myself and the lovely Katie we have decided to give you the ladies write ups as an interview style, after all that was what I did when I met up with them and made the decision to have them on our team. Couple that with the images you will get a much better idea of what lady you will spending your time with.

I sent the interview questions out to the ladies the other day and I do have to say I found myself chuckling away at the responses I got. After much hounding from my ladies that I should do one, I thought it only fair I did as they asked.

If you had to pick only one for the rest of your life what would it be, eyelashes or eyebrows? I know it’s a hard one. Me personally I’m an eyebrows lady?

As you can see from the question I sent in the first place the answer is…..100% eyebrows. Nobody wants to see me looking like I’ve got Alopecia.

What’s your occupation?

Full time agency owner and sarcastic bitch.

What’s your favourite drink?

It really does depend what day of the week it is…..I would never say to glass of gavi de gavi but then I have the breaking strain of a soggy kit kat when it comes to a vodka coke, then there’s a gin and tonic oh and let’s not forget a royal mojito. To be fair it would of been easier to ask me what my worst alcoholic drink is……Coffee haha. Can’t stand coffee.

What was the last box set you watched?

My life is box sets. Currently I’m watching prison break, I am very aware I’m years behind before anyone says anything.

You’re hungover and you need to order comfort food, what are you ordering?

Chinese. No competition. Everytime.

Where’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been and why?

Now this is a hard one. I have travelled the world and lived in a few different countries but I can honestly say England. There is nothing more beautiful than the English countryside on a sunny day. There is no place like home.

Sun or Ski holiday?

SUN SUN SUN!!! I am the clumsiest woman ever, a ski holiday is a first class ticket to a hospital bed.

So you made the decision to become an escort (great choice), tell me why?

I watched secret diaries of a call girl and I became obsessed with the idea of it. I took me a year to finally take the plunge and apply to a Manchester based escort agency and I have never looked back. Money, sex and good company.

Were you nervous during your interview and what were your initial thoughts about me? (be honest as I’ll know if you’re lying haha)

I’m always nervous of me!!! Even I don’t know how I make it through day. Who wouldn’t think I have a business, 2 children, a partner and a house that I manage to keep above water.

Tell me more about your naughty side, are you sub or dom?

People always find it hard to believe it when I say sub!!! Thought of someone taking all my power away and controlling me is one that can’t be beaten. All I do all day long is control people and situations, throw me on the bed, shove my face in the pillow and tell me do as I’m told and you’ve got me.

What was the last lie you told, now tell the truth?

Jesus………I’m just going to tell you the last lie I remember and also one that doesn’t make me out to be to much of an utter mentalist. Telling the teachers at daughter’s school that I couldn’t do the parent career day because I was a fully time yummy mummy. I didn’t think my line of work would go down too well with all the busy body mothers in the schoolyard least of the children.

There you have it people. A little taster of my personality. Let’s put that to the ladies and see what comes back. Take a look through our gallery and see what Manchester escort takes your fancy.

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