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One can not even put into words how the nation is feeling after the horrendous act of terror that happened on Monday evening in our great city. Mine and the agencies thoughts and prayers are with everyone who was affected. It doesn’t even bare thinking about and I am truly sorry for the pain and loss that is being suffered by so many innocent people. Waking up yesterday morning to the news of what had happened left myself, the UK and the world in shock.


What these evil evil people aimed to gain from taking the lives of innocent people, amongst them children is a question we will probably never get answered but one thing we can know and be proud of ourselves for is the way Manchester came together. A plan to cause separation and chaos, did in fact do the complete opposite, it brought us all together as one and showed the real humanity in people.


I myself only live a stone’s throw away from Manchester city centre. Myself and my family find ourselves in Manchester on a regular basis, this is something that hit home the hardest along with so many other people that it could’ve happened to anyone. My heart is truly broken. I sit in shock and tears as I write this blog. Trying to make sense of what happened and why!!!! One thing I do know is acts of these terrorists will not stop us living our lives. If you change the way you live, then they win!!!! They will not win.


We owe everything as a nation to the unsung hero’s surrounding what happened, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. This senseless situation was dealt with such professionalism by our emergency services. These people went above and beyond. Working all hours of the night to save lives and bring order some form of order back. Thanks is also owed to the people of Manchester and surrounding areas who stood united to help the victims. People offered their homes, hotel rooms, phones and whatever help was needed. Taxi drivers were offering free rides home to thousands of concert goers left stranded. People providing drinks and food to the emergency services who were called to the scene. The acts of kindness shown by everyone should be commended and helps to restore faith in humanity.


I will be going into Manchester today to pay my respects.


Yesterday was a day of shock, today is a day of realisation. #prayingforManchester STAND TOGETHER MANCHESTER

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