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Type in the keywords Manchester escorts into google and you will be faced with pages and pages of Manchester escort agencies. Where do you even start?

I check google everyday and it astonishes me how many agencies there are. More so how many bad agencies, spammed websites and pointless directories there are. I’ve been in the industry long enough to spot these a mile away but for the average gentleman wanting to spend time with a beautiful lady, it must be very off putting. Almost enough to make you not want to bother.

Firstly you have your bad agencies that exploit their girls, tell them to come into the office and then drive them around all night, fuelled with drugs, that they also supply in the “office” The agency takes most of the money paid by the client with an end result of the girl walking away with around £50/£60 an hour after fees and paying the driver!! These agencies don’t need to be named, there’s 2 main ones operating like this Manchester, we all know who they are. Zero respect for the girls that work for them.

Then you have all the pointless directories full of eastern europeans girls, fake images and girls who were on tour 4 weeks ago with their ad is still on there. There is always the odd genuine girl on here but by the time you’ve gone through all the others you’re put off.

Along with the directories there is all the websites of agencies that have been left for their domains to run out. Most likely people who thought they could run an agency and then when they realised what was really involved and no money was being made after 6 months they decided to give it up. Sadly they don’t get their sites taken down and they remain in google as nuisance. Or they are there simply to spam other sites or for bad links to help get quick page 1 results by other agencies. Again a nuisance.

You do then have agencies that have been around a long time and in all fairness they are real. They have plenty of girls that work for them and they operate a good system, however one thing I can’t get my head around is why they saturate the first few pages of google with different websites. They put the same images of their girls with the same names on 4 different sites. Yes it works in making it harder for other agencies to get their site on page 1 but as for their brand it’s pointless. Clients are not stupid, they can see that it’s same agency operating under different names. If you believe in your brand and your agency why have different names in the same area?

Then that brings me onto the good agencies. There are a few of them operating in Manchester. In my opinion one has always stood out for me. I have had friends in the industry who have worked for them and never had a bad word to say about them. All their images are of real beautiful ladies who work for them, the agency is ran by ladies and they have operated under one name for probably 7 years now. They have one website and they have been page 1 for a few years. I have a huge amount of respect for them.

Then you have us!!!! Here at Lily-maes we don’t claim to be the best, that’s up to you to decide but what we do promise is that we’re real. We know what we’re doing and we promise to provide you with a professional and discreet service at all times. We are 2 ex escorts who have worked in Manchester, London and internationally before deciding to go at it ourselves. We meet all our ladies in person and aim to bring you only the highest standard of British ladies.

It takes a lot these days to run a good agency. It’s all about time and building your brand. Give us time and you will see we are agency that can be trusted.

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